NeuroCog Trials (NCT) is a cognition and clinical assessment services company devoted exclusively to applying rigorous standards for key endpoints in multi-site clinical trials.

Founded in 2005, NeuroCog Trials is a privately held, certified woman-owned business, headquartered in Durham, North Carolina. There are currently 110 Durham based and 50+ international employees and local language experts.

“I see this as a pivotal time in the field of neurocognition. The domains of neurocognition are increasingly being assessed in clinical drug trials, even beyond traditional CNS related disorders. Numerous studies point to neurocognition as a significant corollary with overall quality of life; and a growing body of research is pointing to its importance as not only an outcome measure but also a prognostic tool.

This is also a pivotal time for NeuroCog to extend the wealth of knowledge generated from academic science and innovation to a broader community.”

Richard Keefe, Ph.D., Founder and CEO

We take great pride in the quality of our products and services at NeuroCog and will continue to ensure we are the premier resource for supporting all stages of clinical trials from design through study implementation and interpretation of results – with best-in-class customized solutions for every client, the gold standard in instruments and products, the most thoroughly trained testers in the industry and a company-wide obsession to precision and detail across every single aspect of what we do.

We look forward to guiding our clients through the new and growing demands of this exciting field together, and continuing to bring to you the best that our depth of experience in industry and academia has to offer.