The Brief Assessment of Cognition is available in a pen-and-paper version – BACS and BAC-A – and as an application (BAC App). The tests included in this battery are quick and efficient tools that are sensitive to cognitive impairment in a variety of subject populations. The domains of cognitive function assessed and the associated tests include: Verbal Memory & Learning (Verbal Memory), Working Memory (Digit Sequencing), Motor Function (Token Motor Task), Verbal Fluency (Semantic and Letter Fluency), Speed of Processing (Symbol Coding), and Executive Function (Tower of London).

The iPad-based BAC App provides digital recording of data, audio recordings of verbally-delivered responses, and examiner-recorded data for post-test verification of responses.  Using the BAC App provides many of the benefits around cost-effectiveness and improved test reliability. Testing and administration time for the BAC is approximately 30 minutes.


The pen-and-paper BACS and BAC-A have been used in dozens of clinical trials by academic investigators and pharmaceutical developers to study cognitive performance in a range of indications including schizophrenia, substance abuse and bipolar disorders.  The commercial success of the pen-and-paper BACS led NeuroCog Trials to develop a computerized version of the test, the BAC App. The BAC App shows a strong correlation between the computerized iPad version and its pen-and-paper counterpart.

BAC DEMO from NeuroCog Trials.