Recognized globally as experts in neurocognition and pharmacologic treatment of CNS disorders, the NeuroCog Trials Scientific Team has been instrumental in hundreds of research projects and clinical trials. Below are links to our articles and other published works that comprise a portion of our scientific library.

Innovative Technologies Expedite Cognition Drug Development – Article


NeuroCog Trials develops innovative technologies that use virtual reality and computerized assessments to augment the measurement of cognitive and functional abilities in clinical trials. Both the VRFCAT – Virtual Reality Functional Capacity Assessment Tool and BAC App – Brief Assessment of Cognition App were recently … Continued

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Validation of the tablet-administered Brief Assessment of Cognition (BAC App)


The validation study of our proprietary Brief Assessment of Cognition (BAC App) is now in press in Schizophrenia Research, available as Open Access PDF. To facilitate the administration of our widely-used pen-and-paper neurocognitive battery, the Brief Assessment of Cognition (BAC), we developed a regulatory compliant … Continued

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Cultural Adaptation of the Virtual Reality Functional Capacity Assessment Tool (VRFCAT) for Use in the UK and Canada


The poster contains a discussion of methods for cross-cultural adaptation of performance-based outcome assessments: Cultural adaptation of performance-based outcomes can improve the quality of these assessments by ensuring tasks, stimuli and instructions are understood and appropriate for use in populations of interest; Use of culturally appropriate … Continued

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