Increase Test Reliability • Reduce Error Variance • Ensure Data Quality 

NeuroCog Trials provides rigorous scientific oversight to help improve signal detection and accelerate drug development for Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) and Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI). Services include streamlined training, certification, and data review for neurocognitive and clinical measures in global trials.

Brain 75X75 Neuropsych Expertise

We combine methodological rigor with clinical neuroscience to ensure that the reliability and validity of measures are fully realized.

Globe 75X75 Global Presence

Our staff operates worldwide with experience in over 25 countries and validated support in 27 languages.

Support 75X75 Comprehensive Support

We provide comprehensive support including rater training and data review for neurocognitive endpoints in Alzheimer’s disease trials.

Experience 75X75 Preclinical AD Experience

We support traditional AD endpoints as well as custom batteries to assess cognitive decline in preclinical and prodromal MCI/AD.

icon-circle-tools-blue In-House Developed Tools

Our Virtual Reality Functional Capacity Assessment Tool places patients in everyday situations through a computerized interface. VRFCAT testing eases administrator burden and automatizes transfer of data for storage.


For more information about VRFCAT, navigate here.


Also developed by NeuroCog Trials is the Brief Assessment of Cognition. BAC is a six-test battery of quick and efficient assessments, sensitive to cognitive impairment in a variety of patient populations. It comes as a paper-en-pen variant as well as a tablet version, which is now available on iTunes.


BAC screens

For more information about BAC, navigate here.


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