NeuroCog Trials has deep expertise in clinical and neurocognitive assessment, experimental design and data analysis. We can help you select the most scientifically valid and sensitive measures for a broad range of CNS disorders.  Dr. Keefe and our scientific team have provided this input on several successful pivotal programs. Further, through our strong connections with the academic community, including our world-class Scientific Advisors, we have direct access to Key Opinion Leaders in every medical discipline.  Finally, we have been involved in the regulatory process at FDA and several European countries, and have direct personal connections with current and former regulatory leaders. NeuroCog Trials’ scientific team is ready and able to help your drug development program meet its scientific and regulatory objectives.

Scale Development

We have developed several validated cognitive and clinical instruments that are used throughout the scientific literature and are accepted regulatory endpoints. If you have a need to develop an instrument that is not available, we can utilize our strong experience and vast network of content experts to develop an instrument that meets your specific needs.