For more than a decade, NCT has been reviewing clinical and neuropsychological data.

  • NCT data monitors are extensively trained in the review of cognitive test data, including data from traditional measures as well as our proprietary endpoints
  • NCT clinical reviewers hold advanced clinical degrees and receive specialized training in the review of interview-based ratings for clinical trials
  • All data review is overseen by doctorate level scientific staff with extensive research and clinical expertise


Offering four levels of data review for both clinical and neuropsychological endpoints.

  • Minimal Post hoc review or end of study data cleaning
  • Moderate Source document review throughout the duration of your trial
  • Maximum Source document review in combination with media review throughout your trial
  • Risk-based A combination of Moderate and Maximum review to reduce costs while maintaining high quality data

NeuroCog Trials’ expert data review and quality assurance services help to reduce test administration and scoring errors, resulting in enhanced reliability. Our rigorous data review methods have evolved over more than 10 years and consistently produce reliability coefficients of .88 or higher.