Leadership Team

Kathleen Anne Welsh-Bohmer, PhD

Kathleen Anne Welsh-Bohmer, PhD

VP for Neurodegenerative Disorders

For more than 25 years, Dr. Kathleen Anne Welsh-Bohmer’s research activities have been focused around developing effective prevention and treatment strategies to eliminate the onset of cognitive disorders occurring in later life. Specializing in translational research in Alzheimer’s Disease, Dr. Welsh-Bohmer has led large epidemiological studies with an aim toward examining the prevalence and incidence of late-life dementias.

Seen as one of the most challenging areas of drug development, the Alzheimer’s treatment and prevention landscape requires quickly evolving regulatory guidance and disruptive therapeutic approaches. As one of the true leaders in the Alzheimer’s Disease scientific research field, Dr. Welsh-Bohmer brings that expertise to our team in her role as the Vice President of Clinical Neurosciences. Her experience in Alzheimer’s disease and other neurological and age-related disorders lends the highest level of scientific expertise to the continued development of innovative screening measures and assessments related to MCI and Alzheimer’s disease.

Most recently, Dr. Welsh-Bohmer provided oversight of the neuropsychology scientific operations of a Phase III global clinical trial to delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease entitled the “TOMMORROW” study (Takeda Pharmaceutical Company funded). The methods her team developed for this study filled an information void and had implications for accelerating global clinical trials in Alzheimer’s disease prevention.

Dr. Welsh-Bohmer’s work as Director of the Joseph and Kathleen Bryan Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center (Bryan ADRC) at Duke University Medical Center was centered around discovering the biological basis of Alzheimer’s disease and developing methods to enhance early diagnosis and speed drug discovery. She serves as the Director of Alzheimer’s Disease Clinical Trials within the Duke Clinical Research Institute and is a Professor of Psychiatry with a secondary appointment in the Department of Neurology at Duke University.