A Cognitive Test Battery Designed for High Impact Research

The Brief Assessment of Cognition is a 30-minute test battery developed to assess cognitive performance in schizophrenia (BACS), affective disorders (BAC-A), and a range of other clinical indications (BAC). The pen-and-paper version of the test has been used by academic investigators and pharmaceutical developers to study cognitive outcomes in dozens of clinical trials, including schizophrenia, substance use disorders, and bipolar disorder.

The BAC comprises seven core tests designed to provide a comprehensive view of cognitive function.

The BAC has demonstrated high reliability and sensitivity to cognitive impairment1, and has a strong history of prior use in scientific research (over 100 peer-reviewed publications in more than 40 languages). A large database of available normative data allows for the calculation of standard domain and overall composite scores with demographic correction for age and gender2. Alternate forms are available for repeated testing. For licensing and other inquiries, follow the link below.

The success of the pen-and-paper BAC led to the development and validation of a tablet-based version of the test. The BAC App has demonstrated strong psychometric correlations to its pen-and-paper counterpart, and has additional benefits as an electronic instrument.